Saturday, January 7, 2017

Dow Reaches Milestone 20000

It was tantalizing moment when Dow Jones touched historic milestone of 20000 on Friday 06 Jan 2017. It was  a moment to celebrate, specially for me. Way back in Oct 2014 I had predicted this milestone in Dow while commenting  in a MarketWatch column. Dow was then at 16400 level.

My comment had elicited a response from a reader and I decided to start this blog to track Dow's journey to projected 20000. To get the drift, check out my first blog post Dance of Dow. 

You can also access the above referred MarketWatch column here. My comments can be viewed in the Comments section

Out of my four predictions on movement of Dow, three have so far come true. My fourth and last prediction is the most frightening. It is Dow's fall to 10000 from level of 20000.

What possibly can be reason for such a cataclysmic fall to 10000? You may find an answer to this in my earlier blog post

Bears Sharpening Daggers - US Markets in Danger of Bear Grip

Crude and  Brexit have already done their bit in shaking the markets. China still remains the elephant in the room.