Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump's Era - Why Is He Not Your President?

First we witnessed widespread and sometimes violent protests saying  "Trump is not my President". Then there were protests to allow "Illegal Immigration" to carry on unchecked in US. Close on its heel came protests against "Travel Ban" from seven countries to US.

Then Michael Flynn had to resign from post of National Security Adviser due to leak that he had spoken to a Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak.

Now pressure is being applied for resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for having spoken to the same Russian diplomat.

Phew! that's quite some action for Trump-bashers to orchestrate in such a short span of time. But you already have inside information on Illegal Immigration and Travel Ban through my post

Trump's Era - Acts to Save Democracy For Future Generations

As for conversing with Russians, you have the low down in my last post

Now let us understand the logic behind screams of "Trump is not my President" in US and other world capitals. And that is exactly what we are going to do today. 

To begin with, let us ask some straight questions to these protesters. And if they cannot answer these questions honestly, then they should eschew their unreasonable demand for Trump to step down. Here we go :-
  1. If a democratically elected leader is not your President, then who do you think should be your President - Army Chief, CIA Chief , Fed Chief or some Chieftain of your tribe? What twisted undemocratic logic, coming from those who plan to save US !! Will someone please tell them that US is the world's oldest democracy, and such wishes have no place in a democratic setup.
  2. Why were the protests happening even while Trump was taking oath of office? At that point in time, Trump had not signed any executive order or trampled any democratic value or violated any constitutional law. Then why, why, why? That reeks of well orchestrated plan set in motion by some shadow power. We may dwell on that at some later date.
  3. Do the protesters want Hillary Clinton, who lost the election to Trump, to be officially declared the President? In that case they have to first make amendment to Constitution to read thus " US Government will henceforth be of the protesters, by the protesters, for the protesters. Silent majority will have to remain passive spectators"
Think it over. This thinking exercise is meant both for the protesters and silent majority. After all it is your country and you have to decide whether you want to continue breathing in  a democratic setup or in a messy anarchic cauldron that the protesters are seeking.

Protest as much as you like, democracy allows for that. But at least protest with some democratic rationale. You cannot protest for removal of a democratically elected leader, just because silent majority endorses him and you do not. 

Time to wake up and spread the word!