Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dance of Dow

Whichever part of the planet you may be inhabiting, you need to keep an eye on Dow Jones Industrial Average if you want to trade safely and profitably. Major turns in any market are foretold by Dow. And a trader knows how painful things can become if he is sitting on wrong side of a trade when such inflection points come.

It is with this thought in mind I got down to analyzing  the various aspects of Dow movement with a keen eye. My sole aim was to discern future expected inflection points of Dow so that I could be make myself safe, trading in Indian equity market. This was essentially required in order to know whether we have  meltdown of US markets on the cards. Of late noise of imminent US market crash has been growing louder from across the Atlantic.

On thorough analysis I came to the conclusion that Dow has still some steam left to chug northwards. I posted my findings as comments to an article in MarketWatch on 13 Oct 2014. I commented verbatim as given below:-

"You are right Michael. But one can expect a bounce in DJIA from 16400 level, which can take it to about 18000. From level of 18000, Dow should fall by about 1500/2000 points. It will again bounce back and reach level of 20000. Finally from level of 20000 Dow can lose more than 10000 points. Bulls still have some time to cheer!"

To this comment I got a prompt reply from MarketWatch moderator as follows:-
 "@Surajit Debnath

So, let me get this right; you're not just making one future call but 4 !!
1) Market will bounce from 16400 to 18000
2) Market will then drop 1500/2000 points
3) Market will then rise to 20000
4) Market will then fall to 10000
You must be the richest person in the history of mankind if you can make calls this accurate."

My reply:-
"@M W Watch the story unfold within a year"
Why don't you go one better and make a real name for yourself. Setup a website, disclose your actual name, contact details etc., post these predictions, put your money on the line (like you expect your readers to do), scan and post the broker notes, and then remind us all in a year about your success. Do it all up-front, not after the fact. Then I will buy whatever newsletter, advisory service, asset management service, whatever you have to offer."

Well folks, such is the genesis of this blog. From here onwards I shall be keeping you posted on the expected twists and turns in Indian equity market. You will also get to know what Dow is doing and what is expected ahead from Dow. I shall be posting clear trading opportunities as they present themselves. These opportunities can be grabbed to take Stock/Index Futures positions. So wait for my next post to enrich yourself. Cheerio!