Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump's Era - Acts to Save Democracy For Future Generations

Trump policies and beliefs are being criticized and condemned through the length and breadth of US and the world. Protests continue till date and seems to be increasing by the day. Before you get swayed by the protests, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Why should anyone object to plans to stop illegal immigration from southern borders of US?
  2. Why create furore over travel ban on seven countries, viz Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen & Somalia?

Illegal Immigration 
Anything illegal should be immediately stopped. That is the Rule of Law- bedrock of any democracy. If President Trump is trying to stop illegal immigration, why should there be such massive resistance from US citizens? Are you in favor of illegal activities?Here President Trump is brave enough to risk his political career in order to uphold democratic values in the oldest democracy of the world.  You are invited to give your opinion on following views :-
  1. There will always be vested interest groups to protest against Trump's plans to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. Please remember that Illegal Immigration is big business involving numerous agencies and mega bucks.
  2. Illegal migrants fall easy prey to criminals. When they cannot find legal work, criminal organizations like drug mafia step in and provide work to these illegal migrants. Why should you allow conditions wherein criminal activities get boost in US?
  3. Do not get swayed by what Press says. Get to the bottom of any policy. Is it advantageous to your safety and security or not? President Trump has taken a historic and bold decision to stop illegal immigration into US, unmindful of his own popularity and world opinion. Very few politicians on planet earth can exhibit such courage!
As for Press and world opinion, please discount them since they form part of interest group. If illegal immigration is such a virtue then seek answer to following :-
  • Why did Italy sign numerous accords with Gaddafi's Libya to stop illegal migrants to reach Italy's shores? Even after realizing that Gaddafi's regime was committing horrendous human rights violations to the returned migrants, Italy still carried on returning illegal migrants to Libya and kept filling the coffers of Gaddafi with compensation. Where was free Press and world opinion then?
  • Why couldn't Australia accept illegal migrants into their society? These migrants were just a handful, and yet Australian PM went ahead and convinced Obama to accept them into US society. In Australia these illegal migrants were isolated and kept in inhuman conditions in offshore islands. No free Press or world capital erupted in indignant protests.
  • Why did UK embrace Brexit, which was primarily against open door immigration policy of EU? Can they now turn around and organize massive protests on the streets of London on issue of illegal migration from Mexico.
  • Why did EU enter into deal with Turkey to absorb illegal migrants in lieu of money? Where is free press and world opinion on such double standards?
Do understand that every nation has to look after its own safety and security. President Trump is doing just that for US and has the courage to stick his neck out against  overwhelming world opinion and hostile press.

As for negative Press, please realize that mainstream Media is owned and controlled by big corporations and conglomerates. They have myriad economic and vested interests globally. You need to take their opinion with a pinch of salt and decide on issues based on national interest.

Travel Ban
President Trump has issued an executive order to temporarily ban travel from seven countries, subject to review after 90 days. Iran,Iraq, Sudan,Somalia,Syria, Libya & Yemen figure in this list of temporary travel ban. Looking at this list, can you put hand on your heart and say that this executive order is against national interest? You are invited to express your opinion to following views :-
  1. Is US dumping ground for world migrants? If world opinion is so sharp on travel ban by President Trump, why hasn't any country come forward to accept these migrants? On the contrary EU agrees to pay 6bn Euros to Turkey to stop migrants from Arab countries entering EU.
  2. Why migrants from these seven countries are insisting on crossing the Atlantic and landing on US soil? Closer home, they can seek refuge in affluent nations like Qatar(highest per capita income in world), Brunei(5th highest per capita income), Kuwait(6th highest per capita income), UAE(9th highest per capita income), Saudi Arabia(10th highest per capita income) and other oil rich gulf countries like Bahrain etc. US is just 14th on this list of per capita income of countries and yet there is such a do or die situation being painted for their temporary ban to US. 
US and other western democratic societies have evolved painstakingly over the decades with certain value system which is inherent and intrinsic to their behavioral pattern. These societal mores and customs have now become ingrained in their outlook to life and way of living, conforming to democratic values.

President Trump is simply trying to preserve these Western democratic societal values by imposing this travel ban. Consider the following thoughts, which are factual and are in no way a judgement on any societal values being right or wrong :-
  • Migrants from these seven countries have a different value system ingrained in them over centuries. Democracy is not part of their way of life. Recently some had violently brought about regime change in the name of democracy but still failed to install democratic governments. Do you want these values to get imported to US society?
  • Democracy does not mean only democratic rights without responsibilities. First responsibility in democracy is maintaining sovereignty and integrity of your nation. Nation state does not mean that there will be only one sect, or religion or ethnic group. People from these seven countries have been brought up to believe to fight for rights of only one community, with scant respect for anyone else. Their generations have struggled over years to bring down regimes primarily on sectarian lines. Do you want to be swamped by such value system in US society?
  • Religion is basically a matter of faith between an individual and God. Religious places are meant to cater for facilitating this union between man and God. But religious places in Islam are fully integrated with politics of that country and remain in forefront of political discourse on daily basis. Are you ready to accept religion to interfere in US politics in times to come?
President Trump is taking all steps to save democracy in the last and oldest bastion of true democracy. European nations will wake up to do the same at some later date.

You may have different views on all that has been said above. Do give your valued comments with facts and reasoning. There maybe many aspects that I have overlooked. Do shed light on missed aspects and I will feature them in my next blogpost with your credits.
Do seek comments from your friends and family also, and let me know differing views or more details on the subject for better understanding of a complex issue.