Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump's Era : Target Real Enemy States, Not Russia

What is this hullabaloo about US official talking to Russian counterpart? What on earth is wrong in engaging with Russia? Is Russia an enemy state which is trying to wage war with US? Has  Russia made any attempt to invade US through conventional or proxy war? If not, then how is Russia perceived to be an enemy state for US wherein Russians are considered anathemas?

Let us analyze in detail the questions that have arisen here. But before that let's draw your attention to my last blog-post which analyzed the controversial decision of President Trump on Illegal Immigration and Travel Ban . You may like to dig out facts here in Trump's Era - Acts to Save Democracy For Future Generations

Russian Untouchability  

President Trump has rightfully declared that he wants to establish cordial relations with Russia. It takes courage as a US politician to go against long held popular bias and negative sentiments about Russia. Surely such intentions cannot be construed as a populist move!

It is high time to bust this myth about Russia being an enemy state to US. Consider the following myth busting facts and then form your own opinion :-
  1. Russia is not USSR and we are not in Cold War Era. Today Russia is as much concerned about maintaining peace and harmony in the world as any other right minded democratic country. It has shown remarkable commitment to fight terror with commendable success.
  2. On the contrary, NATO is Cold War Era outfit which needs urgent overhaul to meet the challenges of present day geo-political realities. It should throw out member countries with proven record of links with terrorist organizations. Time and again Russia has given enough proof to world, for NATO to act against its terror-linked member countries. But nobody cares! Now tell me, who is acting against world peace - Russia or Arms Lobby controlled NATO ?
  3. Russia is just another democratic country, maybe with an extra dose of national pride and identity. But what is wrong with that? Open ended left liberal Democracy needs to evolve with time into something more meaningful that caters for national interest also. That is the only way forward for Democracy to survive. If not, we will soon find present democratic countries hurtling towards becoming chaotic regimes like those in Middle East and most of Africa.
Russia Vs Saudi Arabia

What is so democratic about Saudi Arabia that US loves? In the same vein, what is so undemocratic about Russia that US avoids like plague? Glance through the following revelations and decide for yourself :-
  1. Both Saudi Arabia and Russia are separated from US by Atlantic Ocean and hence pose no geographical boundary threat. However, by propagating and funding Wahabi/Salafi ideology, Saudi Arabia has helped create many terrorist organizations/regimes. Wahabi/Salafi ideology is the most radical form of Islam known to mankind. By that yardstick Saudi Arabia should be anathema to US, but is its closest ally in Middle East. Russia has no such radical proclivity and yet is perceived as enemy state. Don't you find that hypocritical?
  2. Russian and US scientists cooperate in many technological fields to make life on earth better for mankind. On the other hand, Saudi interaction with US has always been to find ways to expand its regional power through blackmail or machinations of Machiavellian dimensions.
  3. Russia helps regimes in their fight against ISIS, as does US. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia provides clandestine financial, material and moral support to ISIS while condemning them with forked tongue.

Do you still want to fault President Trump for trying to initiate better relations with Russia? President Trump is trying to align democratic forces, without any bias. He does not carry any baggage of past hostilities and is genuinely trying to make America Great again. But that upsets very powerful vested interest groups who had earlier managed to corrupt previous US administrations, and we all know that. Ever wondered how ISIS and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi regime? More on that some other time.

If you think differently from what has been said in preceding paragraphs, do pen down your thoughts in 'Comments' section and we shall discuss your point of view in the next blog-post. But if you agree, then do lend your support wholeheartedly to President Trump's efforts to make US safe, secure and Great again. That will help European nations to wake up and smell the coffee, thereby helping democracy survive. We owe at least that to our future generations!.