Saturday, April 23, 2016

Break Free from Fossil Fuel - Resolve on Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated world wide on 22 April- a day to reflect on environmental issues of our planet. On Earth Day let us spare a thought for our environment - not for any lofty abstract charitable symbolism but for our own survival on this planet.

We must debunk the myth that any step to protect environment, will save our planet. It will save us.

When we tackle environmental issues with positive action, we are saving ourselves, and not the planet. This planet will survive any environmental catastrophe, but humans will not.

So let us do ourselves a favor - protect our environment. In this process we will save our species from extinction. Earth has and will survive many such catastrophe.

Fossil Fuel

This Earth Day let us resolve to phase out fossil fuel from our environment.

We the people of planet earth, have to set urgent realistic deadlines and act firmly to throw out fossil fuel from our ecosystem. Once and for all!

Break free from fossil fuel within next 10 years. It is possible if we have many more Elon Musk (CEO Tesla Motors) on earth.

We must have many variations of Tesla by many other automobile companies. Automobiles consume 60% of world's total oil consumption. Replace fossil-fuel-guzzling automobiles with clean efficient Tesla-kind-of-electric automobiles and enjoy pollution free cities.

Recent precipitous fall in crude oil prices will help the cause of fossil-fuel-free world.

Find ways and means to keep oil prices low for a long time so that oil business is no longer lucrative, and finally gets abandoned by big influential coteries and countries.

Peabody, world's largest coal company, recently filed for bankruptcy protection in US owing to falling demand of coal. This space should quickly get filled by renewable energy.

Technology enhancement in renewable energy should be a global effort, backed by governments under UN umbrella, and not left to corporations. Then only renewable energy will be accessible, cheap and user friendly for mass consumption.

Peek at US Markets from Sidelines

Dow opened the day at 17985, rose to a high of 18027 , then plunged to a low of 17910 and recovered smartly to be slightly in green.

Important points to keep in mind for Dow :-

If Dow closes flat today, then it will be very encouraging for bulls. It will mean that Dow has taken support from 10 EMA and declared it's intention to move higher on Monday. I am expecting that low and high made so far in Dow, remain intact in trade today.

On Monday, if Dow does not violate today's low(17910) and closes above today's high(18027) - then we can expect Dow to touch 18300,