Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Enjoy the Journey - Dow Is Squarely on Way to 18000

US markets ended last trading session with a strong close, with Dow closing 165 points higher.

Those who have been acting on my buying advice given in this blog, must be enjoying the ride in US markets.

Right from 17400 level in Dow, I have been pleading with my readers  to buy US markets since I could see that Dow Jones was headed to 18000. That is 600 Dow points on offer, which means that even if you had chosen the wrong scrip to buy, you would still be in  profit, albeit small.

I have continuously maintained through this blog that it is time for buying action. You can check out in this post on 30 March 2016.   And I continued exhorting my readers to buy US markets at every opportunity even after publishing this post on 30 March 2016.

Before this recommendation of buying, I had earlier advised my readers to buy in US markets when Dow was at 16500 and sell when Dow was at 17200. That is cool 700 points in Dow achieved in just 15 trading sessions. Check it out here.

I hope I am making my point. If you are here reading this blog and you are in US, then do profit from my recommendations. I am not asking you to blindly follow me. You can perform your own research to my recommendations, or take advice of experts you trust. After that arrive at a decision to whether follow my recommendations or not.

Whether you agree with my views or not, I would only request you to air your opinion in comments section of this blog. It will compel me to reconsider my views when you disagree. I am sure your views will be valuable to other readers also. Plus it will delight me to no end!