Monday, April 11, 2016

Bull Roar Resounding Across Global Markets - Will Dow Dash towards 18000?

Global markets are performing well for bulls. All asset classes are doing well, including gold and oil. That is a rare phenomenon.

US markets are also in pink of health. Belying all expert opinion, US markets have continuously and consistently performed for the last two months.

Since mid Feb2016, Dow Jones has made a V-shaped recovery and it is still going great guns. It has gathered almost 2300 points since mid Feb 2016 without any serious correction. That speaks volumes of the serious bull charge in US markets.

As of publishing this post. Dow has gathered steam and added 140 points to the index. That is splendid news for those who are keen to see 18000 in Dow.

And that is what I have been maintaining as target for Dow in this bull run. Check this out in my 30th March post here. 

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