Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What will Topple Markets - Crude, China or Cameron?

Global markets across Asia and Europe are in supreme bullish fever. Everywhere there is welcome green, and that too of deep hue. Dow Futures is 89 points up. But crude is down. which may prove to be a spoiler in trade today.

Judging from situation US markets should open with a gap up. After all it has to reach 18000 destination. Check it out in this blog post.

In this wonderful bull run starting mid Feb 2016, there has to come a time for meaningful correction. Traders will take some excuse or the other to book substantial profit.

Will that excuse be provided by Crude or China or even Cameron? We will intensively investigate and analyse that in my next blog post. So keep lookout for in-depth analysis of impending correction in US markets in this space.