Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Global Markets Sell Off - Dow Jones Not Yet In Sell Territory

Dow Jones is down to 17600. Is it time to worry for long positions held?. I do not think so

In fact it is at 17600 that Dow Jones should take support. If it does take support here then we can see 18000 in Dow.

But in case Dow slips below 18600 on closing basis then we will have to review our position. To be precise,  in case Dow closes below 17600 then wait for Dow to reach 17700 again and exit your long positions.

However as long as Dow closes above 17600 we need to keep our long positions till 18000 in Dow.

Indian markets dived deep into negative territory today. Nifty closed at 7603, down 156 points. That has made Nifty vulnerable to further downside.

But if tomorrow Nifty closes in green then we will have a chance of good bounce back in coming days. Nifty has to give a strong closing tomorrow if it has to reach 8000 in this run up. Hope Nifty closes above 7700 tomorrow!