Saturday, April 2, 2016

Racing Towards Target - Dow Jones Steams Ahead

Dow Jones picked up steam to race towards its goal of 18000. That is exactly what we had predicted in this post

In yesterday's trading session Dow Jones gained 107 points and closed at 17792. This momentum is sure to take Dow Jones to 18000.

Those who took cue from my earlier posts to buy in US Markets would be sitting pretty with hefty gains. I had given this buy call when Dow Jones was trading at 17400, six trading sessions back. Hope you see reason  to trade my recommendations.

 As for Indian markets, Nifty is taking a breather before resuming its upward journey.

Nifty seems to be in consolidation phase. The following scenarios can happen in Nifty, which closed at 7713 last Friday :-
  1. Nifty can come down to 7600 level and then take support.
  2. Nifty can go further down and take support at 7300 level.
  3. Nifty can go up from here and close near 7800.
Whatever be the case, Nifty is consolidating to make a dash to 8600 in couple of months.